Helsinki Roller Derby celebrated the end of 2015 with its annual Gala event!

The night was lively, full of smiles, and good times were had by all!

Finally, the entire league voted for the 2015 diplomas and here are the results:

Best Freshmeat (Spring): Viivi Salonen
Best Freshmeat (Fall): Katri Penttinen


Best Jammer: Katariina “CutCut” Koivuniemi
Best Blocker: Tiina “Piina” Laatikainen
MVP: Tiina “Piina” Laatikainen

Queen B’s
Best Jammer: Heli “Bam Yaffa” Hautaniemi
Best Blocker: Reeta “Retku” Ruotsalainen
MVP: Salla Karjalainen and Gerissa “Vega” Lyyra (Tied)

Best Jammer: Taru Saxelin
Best Blocker: Tiina Kimari
MVP: Maiju Rinne

Best Referee: Moer Koe
Best NSO: Satu “Ei se Satu” Huotari

Honorable Mentions
Best Game Face: Gerissa “Vega” Lyyra
Derby Ass: Salla Karjalainen, Sara Ekholm and Satu “Ei se Satu” Huotari (tied)
Get A Life Award: Tiina “Piina” Laatikainen
Seriously Get A Life Award: Vuokko Halkonen
Lollari/Best Derby Spirit: Maria “Jabba the Hott” Lehtivaara


The league wanted to give special thanks to couple of individuals who had done remarkable and outstanding work for HRD:
Reeta “Retku” Ruotsalainen for her work with the junior skaters. Retku took the command of junior department and made huge effort in developing a very advanced training plan for our young skaters.

Sara Ekholm for her work as the interleague of All-Stars. Sara made the whole “WTF 2015” -tour and Division 1 playoffs possible, which is a historical achievement!

Janica Saxelin, Nina Erwes, Jori Hämäläinen, Maria Lehtivaara and Aki Saari for their work with Bunkkeri. They are the ones to blame that we and our collaboration teams now have our very own training space and much improved training times.


Congratulations to all our award winners! You are great!


Edit: Sara Ekholm, interleague for All-Stars was previously listed as Sara Mäki. Apologies for the error!

Photos: Marko Niemelä 
Text: Dani

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