SEVEN days until the first Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars bootcamp.

What will you get? 

More than EIGHT hours of practice, including blocking, offence/defence and jammer workshops.

THIRTEEN All-Stars skaters helping and teaching YOU, concentrated on YOU.

TWO coaches teaching YOU.

On Saturday we concentrate on:

  • Blocking tools
  • Lateral movement
  • Taking the jammer out
  • Stopping the jammer
  • Pack work
  • Offence /defence strategies and formations
  • Coach training


  • Being a captain, taught by Nina Erwes and Janica Saxelin
  • Taking care of your body (TBA)
  • Gear and what is right for you
  • Personal goal setting
  • WFTDA workshop

On Sunday we concentrate on:

  • Jammer clinic
  • Skating technique
  • Work for your pack and the pack works for you
  • Training jammers

“We will be teaching everything that got us where we are today – as crazy at is sounds we climbed from the WFTDA ranking spot 137 to number 25! We worked hard, made some sacrifices and learned A LOT about team work, team dynamics, and mental fitness.”


Fresh from the WFTDA playoffs with everything they have learned and with every trick up their sleeves – or wristguards – brought to you by Helsinki Roller Derby All-Stars.

After the learning part of the bootcamp there will be the traditional scrimmage on Sunday, in which you will be able to show what you have learned and try out all the tricks in the book.

Interested? Excited? Go get your tickets from here, if you have not already done so.

Also: there will be some Finnish PULLA for sale. Pulla is made by Iiris Suominen’s (player number #404) mom.


All the information about the event will be found on Facebook. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us at