Helsinki roller derby started their first ever junior roller derby course in January 2015. The first fifteen brave and astonishing, 10 to 17 years old youngsters have now skated for a year, and are eager to continue their roller derby career in the spring. Besides of these already experienced skaters, we want to offer the opportunity to start the best hobby in the world to all fresh newcomers!

HRD juniors

The new junior roller derby course begins on 18.1.2016, and we will continue until May. The course is aimed to 10-17 year olds, and everyone is very welcomed just as they are. We will have the course in our regular training space in the Bunkkeri of Jätkäsaari (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8, 5th floor). We can take up to 15 new skaters to the course.

HRD Juniors 2015 Sanni ja Siiri



What is this junior roller derby all about? MANY THINGS! But do read our report from the Junior Bootcamp here!


Before the course we offer several opportunities to get to know us and the awesome sport we call roller derby:

9.1.2016 Open skate I

16.1.2016 Open skate II

@ Bunkkeri (Itäinen Vaihdekuja 8, 5th floor)

Try out the derby gears and skate your first laps in quad skates! We will also tell you a little bit about the training, about roller derby and the upcoming course.

Please let us know in advance what size of skates you need (uniorit (at)!


You can sign up for the course by sending us e-mail to juniorit (at)!


Missed all the events? No worries! Just contact us, and we’ll figure out something!


We will update the latest info to this page!

You can also follow the announcements in the facebook pages of Junior Roller Derby Finland and HRD!

If you have any questions or would like to sign in for the course, send us mail to juniorit (at)!


HRD juniors 2015 Aaron ja Lady Mayhem

P.S: Here are some useful links and some answers to frequently asked questions!


  • Junior roller derby is played on three different skill levels -we always begin from the zero! In this video they play level three junior roller derby, and there’s also a pretty good explanation of the rules in the beginning:



Roller derby is a contact sport, so besides the four wheeled quad -roller skates (“normal” inline skates won’t work with derby) you will need a helmet, knee, elbow, wrist and mouth guards.

You can find some equipment in normal sport stores, but we strongly suggest that you choose guards that are meant for roller derby. There are several derby shops online: we recommend the finnish shops GearCheck and Jam in the Box. You can also try to find used gear from the facebook group Derbykirppis Rollaattori.


Photos by Marko Niemelä

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