New year, new rosters! The team selection committee has spoken, and we saw quite a lot of changes in the rosters. Read what the team coaches and captains had to say about these changes!

In HRD we select the rosters for our travel teams (All-Stars and Queen B’s) usually four times each year: in January, April, July and October. The decisions are made by a team selection committee, which consists of all team coaches and captains. They follow our skaters year around, give them feedback and discuss these matters thoroughly. Usually new skaters are first lifted as so-called “TT-skaters”, which means that they can attend certain A- and B-team trainings, but are not part of the rosters. From there, players are usually chosen first to B team and then to A team if they perform exceptionally well. We also have A/B -cross-over players who play both in A and B, and now also B/C-cross-overs. There’s a long list of selection criteria for the teams, and naturally the skills and the ambition of the player play a key role in the selection -as well as the needs of the teams.


Evergreens back to C-cassettes playlist

The 2016 Spring Season has begun and Helsinki Roller Derby C-team are in it to win it! With some new, enthusiastic skaters and some original, familiar faces, this season proves to be one where the C-team aims for progress and victory, and it shows, as challenges pour in from all over Finland. We also have a bunch of returning skaters to join our ranks! Super Maria #55, Linda #96, Tytti Xtra Hard #441 and Runteli #8000 are now skating for the C-team.

On the road to victory, this season the C-team are guided by the strong-willed leadership of their captains Katariina “CutCut #314” Koivuniemi, Anni “Saastanen #0700” Saastamoinen, and Viivi “Salonen #32″ Salonen, inter-leagued by fellow skater and NSO superstar Satu “Ei se Satu #505″ Huotari and supported by their beloved coaches Samu Kolehmainen, Marko Niemelä and Laura Savolainen. This is a season to follow, as old and new, the determined C-Team are sure to play their hearts out!


Queen B’s preparing for second term in Finnish Nationals with bigger roster and C/B-crossovers 

Queen B’s saw six new players introduced to the team. This is quite a large number, but after finishing the season with 14 players, and then losing two players before the start of the new season, drastic measures needed to be taken. Lara needed a time out on derby, and Halla transferred to KRR whose training schedule fit her better.

New introductions to our B squad are Lotta #888 and Laatikainen #85. Both were on spring 2015 freshmeat, so they’ve made fast progress! We are now introducing in our team a C/B crossover system, which will allow those players to potentially be rostered in both C and B team games. These crossover players are Hanski #5, Koivuniemi #314, Salonen #32 and Junnola #747. Koivuniemi is a former B originating from Turku, Junnola aka Kotka an earlier transfer from Kotka (obvs), while Hanski and Salonen are also freshmeat from spring 2015.

The rest of the squad saw no changes. The team is a mixture of newcomers and more experienced players. We have ahead of us another year of building Europe’s best B team.



Queen B’s:

#14 Jabba the Hott

#17 Mirka Virolainen

#23 Cisse

#24 Kujala

#257 Vega (B/A crossover)

#314 Cutcut (C/B crossover)

#32 Viivinki (C/B crossover)

#472 Vuokko Halkonen

#5 Hanski (C/B crossover)

#51 Menstruella

#559 A Sassy Nador

#747 Kotka (C/B crossover)

#77 Retku (B/A crossover)

#81 Nakkisen Mutsi

#85 Tiina L

#888 Lotta

#90 Salla Karjalainen (B/A crossover)

#97 Bam Yaffa

all stars banner2b

All-stars recovering from a serious jammer extinction and gathering troops for the big tournaments of the spring

The second half of 2015 season was hard on our jammer situation, we lost Mia #156 to injury, Super Maria #55 moved to Australia and Raivo #12 retired. We managed, but losing 3/5 of the jammers on your charter wasn’t much fun. Also Linda #96 needed a break.

We headed into D1 playoffs with 3 jammers, as Maiju #39 had stepped up and taken the star. We worked hard at playoffs, and since then we have been rebuilding. The 2016 roster is looking good; Mia is back and scrimmaging, and we have strong crossover skaters, with Retku #77, Vega #257 and Salla #90 earning their spot on the charter and fitting in like a glove. We also have new additions Dominå #455 and Malooney #22 transferring from Stockholm.

Kati has made a decision to help our journey this year by joining the team management and is our new, long awaited, road manager!

So to wrap it up in one word; LIHAA!!!! (That’s Finnish for MEEEAT)


#1 Janica Saxelin

#101 Taru Saxelin

#156 Mia

#22 Mad Maloony

#257 Vega (B/A crossover)

#28 Nina Erwes

#39 Maiju Rinne

#404 Iiris Suominen

#455 Dominå F.äkt

#604 Sara Ekholm

#666 Jonna Ojala

#77 Retku (B/A crossover)

#88 Varpu Knuuttila

#90 Salla Karjalainen (B/A crossover)

#94 Tiina Kimari

#95 Kati Kyyrö


Text: Dani, Aki and Jori (with help from Jabba)
Photos: Marko Niemelä Photography