We will present the best pictures of 2015 by Marko Niemelä as a Advent Calendar -new pic every day until Christmas!

Marko Niemelä is a familiar face and name to every roller derby person in Finland, and to a very large audience abroad as well. We are extremely proud of our very own world famous Macce-boy, who is always there to take the most amazing photos, cheer our teams, coach our C-cassette, work in our Board, bringing the light to the party…

We can NEVER give ENOUGH credit to this dude. So, instead, we asked HIM to give his most heartwarming, happy, pretty and amazing HRD-pictures. And then we share them to everyone, one per day until Christmas.  These pics brought some tears to our eyes. ENJOY!!!


HRD Advent Calendar 1/24: It’s always sunny in Bunkkeri! Even in December. 



HRD Advent calendar 2/24: Don’t worry, be happy!

Happy B's coach

HRD Advent Calendar 3/24: Hang in there and make some faces! Friday is almost here.


HRD Advent Calendar 4/24: It’s Rebecca Black’s favourite day of the week. Have a lovely Friday!


HRD Advent Calendar 5/24: It’s a rainy and gloomy Saturday here in Helsinki but we can still dance like it’s the prettiest day ever.



HRD Advent Calendar 6/24: It’s the Independence Day here in Finland. This is us singing our National Anthem in the play-offs. 




HRD Advent Calendar 7/24: Ok Monday. Let’s be our own life super jammers and get through this week like Mia went through London’s wall.

Smirre pinkoo

HRD Advent Calendar 8/24: Our beloved juniors started their Christmas break yesterday. It has been a great autumn with them! There’s a talented group of future roller derby stars growing among us.


HRD Advent Calendar 9/24: Rainy day? NOPE, it’s TRAINING day, and that’s a happy day!

Ansku says jee!

HRD Advent Calendar 10/24: Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No, it’s Yaffa!

Flying Yaffa



HRD Advent Calendar 11/24: FRIDAY! SCRIMMAGE DAY! We’d like to wish merry X-mas to all the wonderful officials (NSOs and refs) out there! These are some of our Queen B’s disguised as NSOs, could you tell…?


Bees as NSOs


HRD Advent Calendar 12/24: GAME DAY! No matter where we’re playing or which team is playing, our fans are always there for us and we love them <3


HRD Advent Calendar 13/24: It’s Saint Lucy’s Day and while Taru may not have a wreath of candles on top of her head she still shines bright.


HRD Advent Calendar 14/24: Although training is fun, it’s good to relax sometimes and enjoy time with friends made during practice. This is exactly what we did at our annual Gala on Satruday and we had so much fun!



HRD Advent Calendar 15/24: Did you know that 15.12.1939 Gone with the Wind had its premiere in Atlanta? NO? Well now you know and here’s a pic of Jabba bringing wind and mayhem to the track.
Jabba the Windy


HRD Advent Calendar 17/24: YOU should be having an awesome day!

Hey YOU!

HRD Advent Calendar 18/24: This Star Wars weekend, may the Force be with you!

May the force be with ya

HRD Advent Calendar 19/24: It’s officially time for a short holiday. Time to take our skates off and jump around!

jump around!

HRD Advent Calendar 20/24: Christmas season is meant to be spend with loved ones <3


HRD Advent Calendar 21/24: Seriously? Only three more nights till Christmas Eve?


HRD Advent Calendar 22/24: The atomic number of titanium is 22 and in the middle of all the hurry that’s going on right now before Christmas we should all stay tough – like titanium and like Tiina here.

Tough Tiina
HRD Advent Calendar 23/24: Just ONE more night ’til Santa travels around Finland in his sleigh. The excitement is unbearable!

Smily Smirre

OMG 2015!

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