Want to learn the ins and outs of offensive and defensive strategies from a member of WFTDA’s currently ranked #2 team Victorian Roller Derby league?

On February 6th Lorrae Evans will give you the chance to learn skills that the top skaters in derby have trained before high level competitions such as the world cup, WFTDA playoffs and WFTDA champs. This session is promised to give you game changing advice, skills, drills and knowledge about the direction of roller derby and is the perfect way to kickstart your 2016 season.

Lorrae has been a part of Derby’s leading teams for years and her derby CV is nothing short of impressive:
Team England 2014 (2nd place)
London Rollergirls Brawling 2014 champs (4th place)
Victorian Roller Derby All-Stars 2015 champs (3rd place)

Lorrae Evans

Photo by Joe Mac photography at 2015 WFTDA Champs



Skaters should be advanced or intermediate level. Skating skills can be measured in many levels, but we will look for following criteria:
– WFTDA minimum skills are passed
– you can skate backwards easily

ADVANCED skater has minimum one season of national series or similar experience.

INTERMEDIATE skater has five games or five scrimmages and at least one game.


Saturday, 6th of Februay 10:00-16:00

Track one: Advanced (max 30 skaters) 60€
Track two: Intermediate (max 30 skaters) 60€
Spectators: (Max 20) 30€

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