On the 6.2. we arranged open Bootcamp with Lorrae Evans for the rest of the Finland. It was a success and there were people all around Finland – for example from Turku, Tampere, Oulu and Joensuu. Bootcamp weekend continued on Sunday (with HRD) when all the individual skills practiced on Friday (and on Saturday) were in use, when blocking in a wall of three or four. The whole Bootcamp was built wisely from smaller things to bigger ones and I think we benefit from it quite a lot especially with our even more stronger walls.


With Lorrae we were going out of our comfort zones doing a lot of backwards skating, blocking, stopping etc. It took a lot of thinking to be able to do the drills in the wanted way, but when you got it, it was just amazing. She talked a lot about individual skills that we need even though we’re in a wall.

We were doing a lot of things in groups of 2 or 3, which gave us all an opportunity to challenge ourselves especially as blockers.  It was also nice to notice that there really are many ways of effective blocking, so if you don’t fit in one thing, the other may fit for you like a glove.


Thank you Lorrae! And thank you all the happy bootcampers! It was a blast.

Text and photos: Mia